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Who we are?

We are a small business located in Malmö, south of Sweden. For the past few years we have been printing customized office mouse pads for larger companies. Being gamers on our spare time we thought it would be fun to be able to print our own custom gaming mouse pads. And now you can design your custom gaming mouse pad too.


1. Find an image on the internet or take one that you have taken or created yourself. We recommend finding inspiration at UHDPAPER.COM or look at photos uploaded by our customers here: REVIEWS

2. Go to our PRODUCT PAGE and choose your size and if you want with or without stitched edges. Size XXL with stitched edges is the most popular choice.

3. Click on “customize” on our PRODUCT PAGE and upload your image.

4. We will do the rest. We will print and ship your new custom mousepad as soon as we can!

Red line: Place everything of importance, such as logos, names, etc. inside the red line.
Everything that is not placed inside the red line risks not being printed on the mouse pad.

Green line: Place your image all the way to the green line to make sure the whole mouse pad gets printed.
If your image is not placed all the way to the green line your mousepad risks getting black edges.

We can only achieve as good printing result as the quality of your image. Always download your image in highest possible resolution.

Here is our recommended minimum image resolutions for the different mouse pad sizes:
Medium: 1300 x 1080 px
Large: 1650 x 1450 px
XL: 2950 x 1080 px
XXL: 3300 x 1450 px

Our design program will let you know if your image is below our recommendations.

Yes absolutely! Enter your address in checkout to calculate your shipping cost and shipping time.

Shipping cost varies from country to country. We are based in Sweden so shipping costs across Europe are low. Calculate shipping in checkout for exact shipping cost.

All our orders are printed every sunday and shipped on monday. Depending on were you live, shipping time varies.

Shipping time across most of Europe is 2-5 days.
Shipping time to North America is 5-10 days.
Shipping time to the rest of the world is 5-30 days.

You can always speed up delivery time if you choose next day shipping. Instead of printing your mouse pad on sunday, We will print it right away and ship it the next day.

NOTE! that we dont ship on weekends. If you choose next day shipping on a friday or saturday, your mousepad will still be shipped on monday.

Your new mouse pad is printed and shipped from Malmo, Sweden.

We use DHL or UPS depnding on your location.

We use Stipe for secure payments by card. Stripe is one of the biggest online payment systems in the world.

Yes you can! Follow these steps:

1. Fill sink or bowl with warm water and dishsoap.

2. Use a sponge or cloth to rub the stains out of the mousepad.

3. Rinse off the mousepad with water.

4. Let it airdry for about 24 hours and then your ready to go!

If you are going to use your mousepad for gaming with low mouse sensitivity you should get a bigger mousepad with enough room for mouse movement. Our biggest size XXL (900x400x3mm) is our most popular size by far!

If you have a desk that I wide but not very deep our XL (800x300x3mm) mousepad is perfect for you. Our XL mousepad still has enough room for your keyboard and mouse and will fit on a wide but not so deep desk.

Our sizes Large (450x400x3mm) and Medium (350x300x3mm) is great for you who don’t want your keyboard on top of your mousepad.

Contact us at or through the contact form and we will help you.

Refunds and replacements are an option if the product you received does not meet the quality standards or is found to be defective. Please visit our Terms and Conditions page for complete details.

We are happy to assist you if you have any questions or need help with your order. Please contact us through the contact form, the chat bubble or at

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