Gaming Musmatta med egen design M

REA-pris299 kr

Egendesignad Musmatta M: 350x300x3mm.
Medium gaming musmatta i egen design med sydda kanter.
Skapa din egen musmatta med tryck och uppgradera din setup

Vår Medium musmatta är perfekt för dig som inte vill ha tangentbordet ovanpå musmattan men fortfarande vill ha en stor yta för musrörelser.



Really happy with the mouse pad!

Turned out just like I wanted to. Amazing quality, helpful customer support and fast delivery.
Will definitely recommend and order again. 5/5

Mary U.

It turned out absolutely crazy good,

Really detailed and no blurred edges on anything. Do not think the mousepad could have been better.

Joshua A.

Thank you for this awesome mousepad!

Thumbs up! Great and high quality game pad. Fast and helpful processing. It’s not just luxury game pad… this is a piece of art. Thank you very much